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Rim-Pac International is pleased to provide you with outstanding quality, high-value vacations to China.

Since China opened its doors to the outside world in 1978, thousands have visited and have been fascinated by its rich culture, long history, the hospitality of its people, and its breathtaking natural scenery.

As you browse through our brochure, you’ll find a variety of well-designed itineraries created to satisfy both the seasoned traveler and the first-time visitor.

Our hotels have been carefully selected for their quality, location, comfort and service. Airfares have been skillfully negotiated to offer you the most competitive price. Our well-trained tour guides are residents of China and are committed to providing you with a professional level of service.

The people of China are waiting to welcome you with open arms. Join us for an exciting, carefree tour. Come share the wonder of the world with us.


Jianmin, Lou
Rim-Pac International