RIM-PAC International
Important Information

1. How to Reserve Your Tour With Us:
Please call Rim-Pac International at 1-800-701-8687 to book your tour. You need to pay $300 deposit either by check or credit card. If you pay by check, make your check payable to:
Rim-Pac International, and mail to
Rim-Pac International
P.O.Box 216, New York, NY 10150
Or you can authorize us over the phone to charge by credit card. For add-on price of the air from your cities, please contact us to find out.

2. Tour Cost Coverage:
Tour cost including: *International round-trip airfare *First-class hotels *3 meals daily
*Group admission fees * Private guided tours daily *City transportation and transfers.

Most of the hotels we have are five stars and fours stars, with international standards, which offer the amenities and comfort you expect, such as color TV, private path, laundry service, refrigerator with mini-bar and room service, plus the outstanding buffet style American breakfast. Food is delicious and carefully selected in different Chinese restaurants. Lunch and dinner are served with ten or more dishes per table, including a beverage of your choice. Besides these, we include several shows in each tour, such as the Beijing Opera, the extravagant Tang Dynasty music and dancing show and the amazing Shanghai Acrobatic Show.

Our guided tours provide English (or Spanish) speaking guides; other languages are also available. These guides are extremely helpful, very attentive, very knowledgeable, responsible and accommodating.

3. How to Process China Visa:
After your reservation, you need to send your original passport plus one extra passport photo of front face, size 2x2 by either certified mail or FedEx to us. It will take us a week to process the visa application. If you need to speed it up, you can pay additional $40 extra to get it on time if it's necessary.

4. Insurance:
We recommend you buy insurance for any tour cancellation or tour interruption that may occur. Please visit Travel Insured International web site or call 1-800-243-3174. Rim-Pac International code number is 43010.

5. What to Pack:
Please refer to the average temperature on the same page. And check the weather reports for China during the week prior to your trip in order to be best prepared upon your arrival. China has humid summers and cold, dry winters. July and August are hot and rainy. December to Feburaray are cold. Pack lightly and bring casual clothes and comfortable walking shoes. No formal dress is required for any occasion.

6. Electricity and Water:
China's electric system operates on 220/240 volts AC, 50 Hz. Adapters are not easily available, we suggest you bring your own two and three prong adapter/converter for your personal electrical appliances as some hotels have round prongs and some have flat prongs. Tap water is not drinkable in China. However, in each hotel room, boiled water is served in a thermos bottle and is safe to drink and some hotel rooms have an electric heater for you to boil water on your own. Additionally, bottled water is inexpensive and readily available throughout China.

7. Luggage:
Passenger can have two pieces of check-in luggage for trans-Pacific flight; each can weigh up to 45 lb. However, for China domestic flight, the maximum allowance is 45 lb for check-in baggage for each passenger. (However, if you travel with the whole group, the check in of the luggage will be handleed by the luggage boy as a whole group. Airport in China is not very strict, unless the whole group was overweighted.) So we urge our passengers to carry only one check-in baggage. Lock your luggage during transit. Identify your luggage with a nametag, or stick a large piece of duct tape imprinted with your last name across your bag for easy identification.

8. Carry-on:
Each passenger may carry one hand baggage, the dimensions of which shall not exceed 45 inches. Valuables, passports, Insurance Policy, air tickets and medication should be carried with you at all times. Most of the hotels offer safety deposit box for your valuables free of charge. Please check with hotel front desk for details and make sure you retrieve your things from the safe deposit box before you leave the hotel.

  9. Money Exchange:
Please bring Travelers Checks and some cash with you. Chinese currency is called Renminbi (RBM) or "People's Money." The basic currency unit is the Yuan. Currently, the US Dollar equals approximately 6.00 Yuan. Jiao (10 Jiao equals one Yuan) and Fen (10 Fen equals one Jiao) are of nominal value and best treated like US pennies. Currency can be changed at all airports; most hotels, banks and friendship stores maintained by Bank of China exchange desks. However, you must show your passport during each transaction. Retain all currency conversion receipts if you wish to convert Yuan back into dollars or another foreign currency when leaving China. Most hotels, friendship stores and other commercial stores accept major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card and American Express. Remember, whenever possible, use a credit card to get the highest exchange rate for your purchase. Do not exchange money from strangers as it is against the currency exchange regulations of China.

10. Tipping:
Tips are not included in your tour fare. Please note that they are customary and not mandatory. Our guides and drivers are extremely conscientious and work to provide our travelers with excellent service, making their experience in China one that they will always remember fondly. Please remember to show your appreciation to our national and local guides and drivers for their dedication. As we are aware that tipping is a very personal matter, We would only provide a suggestion for your consideration. Tipping $9 per day is therefore the standard recommendation for each traveler, which includes the tipping to guides, drivers and sometimes porters.

11. Departure Information:
Please be at the airport at least two hours and a half prior to international departure. Please also check your tickets carefully and make sure you have all round trip tickets as booked.

12. Ticket Reconfirm & Seat Assignment:
It is your own responsibility to confirm your international flight round trip seats. On the return flight from China to USA, the guide can help you do it. Please call your airline directly. The number is listed at the ticket jacket.

13. Shopping in China:
China is a bargain-shoppers paradise, offering a marvelous selection of high quality, crafted gifts such as jade, porcelain, ceramics, Cloisonné, jewelry, carpets, silks, embroideries, furniture and more. In most shops, prices are clearly marked and clerks speak English. During each tour, you will have many opportunities to enjoy shopping at Friendship Stores, factory gift shops, hotel shopping arcades, "free markets", and China's many new joint venture shops. Insured shipping on heavy items is readily available. Please be very careful when you shop in China. Make sure you have the address and contact number in case you have any discrepancy afterward especially for shipping products. Rim-Pac is not responsible for any purchases you might have in China. Always compare the prices and bargain if necessary.

14. US Re-Entry Customs:
You are allowed to bring to US the items amounting to not more than $400 per person without being taxed by US Customs.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to let us know at 1-800-701-8687 or 917-882-6530.